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PBX stands for “Private Branch Exchange”. A PBX phone system provides dial tone to multiple phones in your office using a fewer number of telephone service lines. This is a “one-to-many” model, as opposed to having an individual service line, “one-to-one”, for each and every phone. It works on the assumption that in any office there are only a percentage of phones being used at any one time. Everyone shares service lines and there are fewer service lines than phone handsets. Your advantage is simple, going with a PBX telephone system requires fewer phone service lines (channels, bandwidth) and that saves you money. The PBX phone system manages the whole process. A small business PBX phone system can effectively manage and handle all your calls at a much lower price.

We represent the best PBX phone systems brands and network with all top PBX systems dealers. Whether you’re buying a new PBX phone system, need PBX phone system repair or you're simply adding a voice communication line, we're here to help you get your best PBX phone system price! Start here...

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Describe your PBX telephone systems need below and we will quickly match you with 3-4 local and top PBX phone system companies. We will provide you with PBX phone system dealer addresses, phone numbers, websites and more. Fill out one simple form and you will quickly be contacted by the top PBX phone system dealers in your area, ready to provide you with free PBX Phone System quotes specific to your business need. Finding the cost of a new PBX phone system has never been easier! Our service is 100% free! There are no obligations what-so-ever to make a purchase or do business with any PBX phone system vendor in our network.

There are a number of variables that will effect your PBX price. The quality and number of handsets you need, calling patterns, phone system features and of course, variable margins among phone system dealers. Our form takes only a minute to fill out and our service is 100% free. You have absolutely no obligations to purchase or to do business with any PBX phone system system dealer in our network.

VoIP phone systems may allow you to integrate computers and mobile devices with your phone system, allow you to connect your phone system to multiple network applications you may run and PBX phone systems may not come with some added features that VoiP phone systems can provide. However, you may not want or need any of these features. A PBX phone system is a great bargain. PBX phone systems cost a lot less. PBX phone systems are still viable, reliable and cost effective for your business communications needs.