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Multi Line Phone System

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Multi Line Phone Systems

Like many businesses you started out with a phone line or two, caller ID, call waiting and voicemail to answer your line when it is busy. Your needs have grown and you’ve decided to look for increased capabilities. Most multi line phone systems contain the standard features you need to do well in today’s business climate. A multi line phone system typically provides DID, night attendant, call transfer, call forwarding and the ability to add additional phone lines when you need them without too much trouble or expense.

Basically, there are three main types of multi-line phone systems, PBX systems, Key business phone systems and KSU-less business phone systems. When you are choosing a multi-line phone system for your small business, research all the options and features that are available. Look at each business phone system, and determine which best meets your business needs.

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Multi Line PBX System

The PBX system is a type of multi-line phone system that is perfect for companies with about 40 or more employees. Current a multiline PBX system can be set up unobtrusively in one corner or closet. Most multi-line PBX systems are equipped with standard features you would expected in a multi-line phone system.

Key Multi-line Phone Systems

For companies with employees within the range of 5 to 40 staff, key systems are the standard multi-line phone system. This version of the multi-line phone system is powered by a central control unit known as the key system unit or KSU. The KSU controls and manages all the features and functionalities that are offered by this multi-line phone system. For instance, the KSU allows the company to send calls to another extension within the company’s phone system. The key system unit also prevents other users from inadvertently picking up a line that is presently engaged.

KSU-Less Multi-line Phone Systems

The KSU-Less phone system is a type of the multi-line phone system. It is appropriate for business organizations with less than 10 employees. The KSU-Less small business phone system will provide the communication solutions a small company needs with minimal investment. The KSU-Less multi-line business phone system provides the basic features and functionalities of a standard multi-line phone system without the key system unit. It offers fewer options than the key system unit but comes equipped with much of the same technology that is provided by a central control device.