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Cisco Phone System

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Cisco Telephone Systems

Cisco phone systems have long been known for its best in class technology solutions for enterprise and mid-market sized customers. Cisco phone systems are now delivering the same level of functionality, previously available only to it's enterprise and mid-market customers to small and medium sized business. Cisco has leveraged its broad expertise in networking and telephony to create a telephone system purposely built for small and medium sized business.

Cisco offers a full line of wireless telephones, cordless phones and soft phones for laptops and PDAs. Answer your calls, access voice mail, and take advantage of virtually all the system’s advanced calling features almost anywhere you go. With a wireless IP telephone, soft phone for your laptop, tablet PC, or PDA, you can roam anywhere your office network provides coverage, anywhere you can access your network via the Internet. The Cisco phone system advantage...

We network with all top Cisco phone system dealers. Whether you’re buying a new Cisco phone system, need Cisco phone system repair or you're simply adding a voice communication line, we're here to help you get your best Cisco phone system price! Start here...

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Cisco VoIP Telephone Systems

Cisco Unified Communications

Cisco’s VoIP Phone systems - Cisco Unified Communications (500 series) provide sophisticated communication features for small businesses of all sizes.

Cisco’s small business telephone system support a complete line of Cisco IP telephones, Cisco soft phones, PDAs and Cisco attendant consoles. Their corporate strength, stability and reliable technology are reasons businesses like yours choose a Cisco phone system. Cisco phone systems offer affordable leasing programs and extensive technical training. Start here...

Cisco Phone System Mobility Solution

The Cisco softphone is an easy to use—exact replica of Cisco IP desk phone. The Cisco IP Communicator (aka “softphone”) is a popular software-based application that delivers enhanced telephony support through your PC. Connect via the Internet (or Cisco VPN client) and use your office phone from anywhere in the world. You can use a Bluetooth or USB headset and video is supported. There is a non-intrusive popup for new calls. It is designed to serve as a supplemental telephone for you when traveling, a telecommuting device, or as a primary desktop telephone. With Cisco IP Communicator remote you don't just take your office extension with you; your PC becomes your phone and you enjoy access to the same familiar phone services and cost savings benefits that you have in the office.

Call Control from Your PC

Cisco's Unified "CallConnector" is a productivity enhancing application that features an easy-to-use toolbar in Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer. It enables you to streamline your communications experience and facilitate collaboration. You can click-to-dial from your personal or corporate contacts, connecting with colleagues quickly by seeing their “presence” or availability and preferences for communication. Inbound screen pop ups are provided, allowing you to answer calls or forward calls to your voicemail using the click of a computer mouse. One of the coolest features is a “Treo-like” function that dynamically creates hyperlinks in Internet Explorer for any phone number that, when clicked; automatically dials the phone number on the associated Cisco IP phone!

Cisco Video Conferencing

Cisco's Unified Video Advantage or video conferencing to the desktop delivers audio on the phone and video on the PC. There's no extra cost or licensing, but you do need to buy video camera. It's as easy as making a voice call. When a Cisco Unified Video Advantage camera and a Cisco Unified IP Phone 7900 Series phone or video endpoint is in use by two users, connected over the LAN or WAN, a video telephony session will automatically start between the two devices. With no special dialing or button to push. It is very easy to set up and use. In today’s economy, where business travel is more and more restricted, you can leverage video to help bridge those gaps, without the expenses of airfare, third party apps, software or equipment.

The Cisco Phone System Advantage